As business and society are interdependent, Vedanta acknowledges that responsible growth and shared value are the only measures of true success.

We aim to go beyond compliance and support programmes that create economic and social value for the communities in which we operate. We make a significant contribution to national economies – in 2017/2018, our contribution to public finances was US$5.4 billion (35% of turnover). Beyond this, we actively engage with our stakeholders to integrate their priorities into our strategy and to address grievances.

Inclusive development through effective community investment has always been an integral part of our process. Our community and social programmes are based on local needs and are often implemented to extend or enhance existing government initiatives. In FY2018, Vedanta invested $39 million in social investment programmes, benefiting 3.4 million beneficiaries. To find out more about our approach, see Fact sheet: Vedanta communities. Some of our flagship programmes may be found in the case studies section.

Key community programme milestones FY2018

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    Children’s well-being and education
    • Education initiatives have impacted more than 230,000 children
    • Hot, fresh and nutritious meals are provided to more than 56,000 students
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    Skilling the youth
    • Eleven working projects skill young people across the group
    • Close to 3,400 young people are trained in different trades
    • 77% of them have been placed in well-paying jobs
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    Drinking water and sanitation
    • Close to 212,000 people have benefited from safe drinking water initiatives
    • 57,000 community members have benefited from the construction of 8,746 household toilets and 61 community toilets
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    Women’s empowerment
    • 2,614 self-help groups have been established as vehicles for empowerment
    • 32,838 people are active in self-help groups
    • 3,001 group members have started micro-enterprises
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    • Health services benefited 1.13 million patients
    • More than 168,000 people have been reached through health awareness campaigns
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    Sports and culture
    • Around 175 aspiring footballers have been trained at residential academies
    • More than 500 young players have been reached
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    Agriculture and animal husbandry
    • 8,735 farmers have been supported in the adoption of sustainable farming practices
    • 2,900 farmers adopted horticulture as well as floriculture as a source of livelihood
    • 152 veterinary camps have been held, benefiting 6,769 animals
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    Environmental protection
    • 74,410 plants have been planted on 132 acres of land
    • 582 solar street lights have been installed in villages near our operations

Featured case studies