BALCO: The Chetna Programme

Introduced in May 2018, this training programme is designed to keep safety “front of mind” by providing tools and information focused on preventing injuries. The programme has reached over 6,500 employees and business partners so far.

The programme focuses on five life-saving behaviours:

  • Eyes on hands
  • Eyes on path
  • Assess the area
  • Body limits
  • Line of fire

Chetna’s focus is on individual habits and behaviours. We have found that we continue to record injuries, even when all concerned have been trained in safety procedures and have the right equipment – often due to small, unintentional errors. It is clear that blaming or penalising individuals for these errors is pointless. So we have developed this tailored safety training programme, which focuses on promoting appropriate safe behaviour at workplace at all times.

Chetna is being rolled out across BALCO, first at the plant and then at the mining operations.