HZL: “Being Safe”

With more than 10,000 contract employees working on various sites in Hindustan Zinc, inculcating safety as a responsibility is imperative. While safety compliance plays a decisive role, informal interaction with employees does generate additional traction for ‘Being Safe’.

‘Being Safe’ is a scientifically designed, interactive project. The objective is to reduce stress for employees, and ensure they can focus on safety – for themselves and their families.

‘Being Safe’ involves informal interactions with employees, the screening of special safety films and silent meditation sessions. After film screenings, employees are given the opportunity to discuss events in the films and how these apply to their own working situations.

‘Being Safe’ also focuses on safety on the road and at home.

Conceptualised as part of a communications project, ‘Being Safe’ workshops have so far been organised for about 2,500 employees, school children and families through 20 on-ground interactions.

In a new initiative, HZL is partnering with All India Radio (AIR) Rajasthan to broadcast daily five-minute safety slots, which will reach Rajasthan’s considerable rural and urban population.